$ 19.99

Incognito shirt

So your the kind of guy who wants a shirt thats not too flashy, fits great, and is extremely comfortable. We get you. The Incognito shirt is printed on 50/50 cotton poly American Apparel T's and will quickly become one of your favorites. It's extremely soft without sacrificing any durability or concealability.

Live Discreetly

The Bolttac print across the chest is very discrete and seems to show up when it wants too. This aids in getting away with wearing a T twice in a row without anyone noticing; for those weeks when you're living too hard to keep up with laundry. (It's very hard to get special ink like this that is invisible only some of the time*)


100% made in the USA with athletic fit featuring screen print across chest. Model is 160lbs 5'8'' and wearing a medium for reference.

Note - grey Magpul sling and sponge camo rifle are not included in purchase. They are only to show that all grey everything is the only way to live. 

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