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Better Gear. Better Carry.

"I started Bolttac USA in 2010 after being let down multiple times by the current selection of holsters. Through trial and error I found I had simple holster needs:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Speed
  • Concealability 

I set out to start hand crafting holsters that fit this criteria above. The products I make fit the lifestyles of todays responsible armed citizens. A pistol is an item that many of us trust and depend our lives on. Choosing the right holster will make a monumental difference of comfort and concealability in your day to day life 

Every holster that gets branded Bolttac and leaves my shop has been touched and hand finished by me. The same holsters you see on www.bolttac.com are proven designs that I carry with every day. I hope you choose us for your EDC needs, because our gear will not let you down."

                                                                               Alex Bolt - Founder and Owner


 Quick facts about Bolttac USA

  • We are located Oroville, California
  • We use USA sourced materials
  • We hand make each product
  • We guarantee every product 100%
  • We offer instock holsters and do custom work 

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