Tactical Key Rings ( Split Rings)

Tactical Key Rings ( Split Rings)

Bolttac USA

$ 2.00

Grenade Pull Pin

These are a nice robust almost overkill split ring. Be prepared to work to get  your keys on these bad boys. Very sturdy. 

Black Split Ring (1.2")

These are the split rings we ship standard on our EDC keychains. They are powder coated black, have a flat finish on the sides, and are a good ring choice for everyday use. Depending on the styling of keys, we suggest somewhere around 6-8 keys.

Grey Split Ring (1.5")

Our 1.5" inch rings have a dark metal finish and are meant to handle more keys than our 1.2" split rings. These are strong and are a good upgrade for someone who needs more key ring space.   

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